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Subject : Return Merchandise Process automated through customized and stable inventory management system integrated with e-commerce, FedEx/UPS API and scanner support
Client Industry : Pool Cleaning Industry
Business : Underwater Vacuum Pumps for Summing Pools
Type : Mid-Large Company
Problem :
  • Client wanted to automate the Return Merchandise Process. The present process was painstaking and required many days to provide the fix to customer who already returned the original product. The complexity not only involved number number of products returning every day but it was also hard for employees to use old outdated systems to easily process the order.
  • Client wanted to incorporate e-commerce solution in low price.
  • Client wanted to let user have opportunity to create FedEx/ups shipping label online after paying through eCommerce.
  • Client wanted to use handheld symbol3090 scanner to avoid key-in data though keyboard. The scanner system would just scan the bar code and automatically find out the order number mark it as received, acknowledged etc.
Our Solution & Results:
  • Provided online management system and customized it
  • Provided e-commerce solution by using APIs and connecting with paypal and
  • Provided integration with ups/FedEx and purolator
  • Optimized website for their scanner and let them have scan the shipping bar code which upon scanned by
  • application automatically change the status to receive, acknowledgement etc.

  • Provided customized and automatic scheduled reports according to customer need
Subject : Website redesigned & optimized for web marketing
Client Industry : Supply Chain Industry
Business : Software Provider
Type : Small-Mid Company
Problem :
  • Client had old website which was problem generating leads and sales. Pay per click campaigns did not help because of poor design website was not able to hold visitors for long
  • Website had very high bounce rate and was not browser independent
  • Client used outdated marketing methods and seo optimizations which does not help in today`s world as search engines drastically changed their procedures and strategies
  • Client used old servers which were not updated to run new version of server side languages and contain many bugs
  • Client in the past used face to face networking to approach their potential customers.
Our Solution & Results:
  • Advised client that even face to face networking is vital but web marketing cannot be ignored in this age.
  • Developed an interactive website with seo optimization
  • Created social presence to attract visitors
  • Strongly monitored the visitor beha vior and defined target market
  • Strategized and setup web marketing plan
  • Optimized the website to drive key traffic
  • Website was finally able to create leads and ultimately generating more sales.
Subject : Interactive website and web marketing to help boost sales
Client Industry : Automotive industry
Business : New & Used Car Sale Agency
Type : Small-Mid Company
Problem :
  • Client had free website which obviously lacking interactive features
  • Client had no knowledge of web marketing and thus door remain closed for potential online customers
  • None or poor implementation of online traffic analysis were conducted in past.
  • No technical staff was available to provide rich consultancy. Client relied on hosting company for poor services and expensive support.
  • For long time no action was taken to promote business online.
Our Solution & Results:
  • Provided advice and shared several success stories to motivate client to further uplift the business and create a mechanism to generate sales through website.
  • Provided an action plan on website design marketing
  • Quickly created an interactive website with quality features and web optimization.
  • Promoted business online with several legitimate marketing techniques which lead to generating visitors.
  • Analysed the visitor`s behaviour ,refined target market focus and re-optimized website by creating new web pages and other features to help better the new visitors.
  • Successfully converted a big chunk of visitors into sales and ultimately helped business boost.