Small Business
Starter Plan( Complete IT services package for small business )

Web design, Development & Management

  • On demand eCommerce solutions
  • Web Application Development, Customization, CMS, PMS, PLMS, SCMS Installation & Management
  • Small Business Consulting for other IT needs like server management, network installation, recovery management etc.
  • Prompt Quality Support

Social Media & Web Marketing Managemnet

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social media marketing (including facebook,twitter campainge management)
  • Preparing a business plan for Marketing
  • Marketing Research & Online Marketing Services

A sneak peak into web marketing and how it can help your business

Enterprise Services( For Mid to Large Companies )

All Small Business Quality Services

  • Web Design
  • High level Strategical Software & Solutions Implementation
  • Social Media & Web Marketing Managemnet
  • Optimization
  • Server Management & Networking

Business/IT Alignment

  • Business Hosting
  • Business consulting services
  • IT security consulting
  • Outsourcing/Off-shoring services
  • Data integrity Management
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Disaster recovery consulting

Value added services for all of your technology needs

Marketing Exclusive Plan( Marketing Consultancy and Action Plan )

Action Plan

  • Marketing research
  • Sales Financial analysis
  • Use of marketing plans
  • strategic & Portfolio planning
  • Detailed plans and programs
  • Action Program

Marketing Strategies

  • Business to Business Connection and Networking
  • Pioneer marketing strategies implmentation
  • Market segmentation
  • Technology Marketing alignment
  • Business model advice to boost sales and lift marketing

An ultimate excuslive creative marketing approach to boost your sales and help you grow

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